Hopeful Harvest
 While sitting in the hospital for 6 months as our 17 month old daughter underwent treatment for Leukemia, we decided to start a nonprofit to help families who endured the same life changing experience. We named it Supporting Overwhelming Situations (S.O.S.). We had the opportunity to meet the most courageous of children and see the heart of man as it traversed through the most difficult terrain of life. Though triumph was always the focus for our household, there were many challenges that we faced. Praise the Lord, we had the best outcome that we could possibly hope for, but our hearts go out to those that would experience the same struggles as we did. 

Supporting Overwhelming Situations (S.O.S), a nonprofit corporation, was created to help ease the burden that parents face when dealing with a child that is experiencing a medical crisis. To fund our efforts, we founded Hopeful Harvest as a revenue source for Supporting Overwhelming Situations (S.O.S.).  Hopeful Harvest will deliver a Box of Hope, which will include an assortment of highly nutritious organic produce to its customers and in turn will donate a portion of profits to S.O.S.    

With every box of hope that is purchased, you are helping us bring comfort and financial assistance to families who are dealing with a major pediatric crisis.

Hopeful Harvest is also designed to give back to the community by supporting other local nonprofits by providing fundraiser opportunities to them.

Thank You,
​ Scott and Belinda Pursel

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